I dislike predictions about the future with a vengeance. They're nearly always wrong. Instead I want to know more about how GPT-3 is actually being used right now. Since Abhinav says a staggering 70% of the content at his company is with its help -- would love to know more from him.

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Great piece as usual, Sai.

A few points to consider - conversation as a natural form of interaction between humans an machines will firmly settle in, whether voice or text. And that's a huge upside in more ways than we can imagine if we consider the possibilities when combined with vision.

Having said that, when it comes to an enterprise (since you mentioned marketing), there are some nuances to consider. The language capabilities that these Large Language models (LLM) provide is truly insane. The copy that gets generated (based on how good your prompt is) is drop dead gorgeous.

But how about the knowledge - value propositions, facts, specs, conditions etc - of your products or services? Surely we can't expect an LLM to have it. How do they create and keep creating meaningful content without this knowledge? How do we provide this knowledge time and again to these hugely capable LLMs? This would be key to creating serious enterprise applications utilizing the capabilities of these AI.

Like in the case of every "after" scenario, certain pieces drive the hype but there are crucial pieces behind the scenes that have to fall in place for the hyped ones to have their place in history. I am truly starting to relish this hype for a change - for what the "real after" will bring with it!

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Thanks ! Enjoyed reading and I started using chatGPT and found it very insightful for researching and getting ideas! I concur that chatGPT , is the new ‘average’

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Fantastic piece, Sai! It was interesting to read the different takes on how ChatGPT can add value to the marketing function.

I use it as a thought starter on days when you don't know where to begin from! I know a lot of my folks using it for captions on Instagram/Facebook. Twitter too in some cases.

One question remains, are we asking the best question to get the best answer?

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