5 examples of great SaaS positioning

A showcase of positioning statements that get the job done

Sometime last year in a SaaSBOOMi session, I was off on a tirade about poor positioning when Shrikrishnan Ganesan, founder of Rocketlane, interrupted me with a question. It was simple enough: Give us a few examples of good positioning, he asked.
I remember I came up with a couple, but even that day I was not satisfied with my answer.

I had been suggesting that there was a template for good positioning, and I needed to show examples. The question stayed with me, and so I have been saving good ones when I see them. This is a list of 5 I loved.

Remember, my thesis is that if you are an early stage startup, say very clearly what you are, and who you are for. Everything else can follow from there.

Let’s go!

1. Gong

See what I mean? What - A revenue intelligence platform. For who - Remote sales teams. Bam! What else do you need? No one who ever turns up will be confused. Also, the clarity means sales and marketing will never be wasting time on irrelevant leads.

2. Casted

This is a cool product for B2B marketers. Podcast production, hosting (I think!), and metrics. A solution for those of us looking to start podcasts for our companies and drive leads. So clear!

3. Privy

Well, what do you expect? Dave Gerhardt’s CMO of Privy. But even so, note how amazingly they weave the who for and what for answers with an action statement. What - Email marketing, For who - Small ecommerce businesses. As good as it gets!

4. Chargebee

I know I’m becoming something of a Chargebee marketing fanboy, but just look at this! They don’t attempt anything clever in their positioning. Because they know what’s more important - clarity. They clearly tell you what they are and who they are for, and don’t say anything else, because they know that’s enough. So bloody good.

And yes, if this sharp, sweet clarity is good enough for a unicorn, I think it’s good enough for you too.

5. VWO

See what I mean? They haven’t explicitly said who they are for here, but they’ve said enough that a marketer knows. VWO has long been a marketing pioneer in our ecosystem, and that they are still so superior is heartening.

So there. There’s so much to learn from here, and not just for SaaS businesses.

I hope this prompts you to have a look at your own positioning and see what you can do to improve it so customers never get confused.